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Once you have been assigned a User Name and Password by your financial advisor, you can view your account’s balances and activity. Please contact your financial advisor if you would like internet access to your account and discuss the various features available.

To further enhance our efforts to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulatory requirements, Global Financial Services LLC (Global) has implemented the following policies to protect our clients.

Global will not accept funds from, nor send funds to any “Casa de Cambio’.

All requests to move funds or securities from an account; be it a journal between Global accounts or the delivery from a Global account must be made in writing.  We will accept an email for journals and wire transfers that are to the same name*.  However, an employee of Global must speak with an authorized owner of the account before the transaction will be processed.

All requests to move funds and or securities other than same name require a letter of authorization signed by an authorized party.

*Same name asset movements are between accounts with identical titles.

Bank Instructions

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